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We are pleased to announce our Exclusive AMA with CHAIR                                                                                13 May _ 13 UTC

Venue :
Reward Pool : $100 bonus for 5 users

Requirement task :
Join @BullCrypto_Team
Join @CHAIR_Chat

CHAIR’s platform token is BNCH. Its issuance is 70 million. As the platform utility token, BNCH holders are entitled to in-depth participation in the governance and future development of the CHAIR platform. BNCH can also be used toward the purchase of commodities and services on the CHAIR platform. All BNCH holders are entitled to share the revenue generated from CHAIR’s development 👌

We have decided that there will be no private placement for CHAIR’s platform tokens BNCH. All BNCH will be distributed to CHAIR backers by NFT purchases ✅

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