Chair NFT with 80,000 users provides free promotional services for projects integrated with Polygon.

CHAIR is the world’s first decentralized NFT trading platform for rights and benefits. Art is over-represented in the current NFT industry. 90% of NFTs should be financial assets, digital identities and rights in the future. As the first DEX for utility NFTs, Chair has set a precedent for exploration in this field.

In July 2021, Chair received Polygon grants and was officially integrated into the Polygon ecosystem. Chair provides 200,000 USDT for high-quality projects on Polygon, BEC, OEC, and HECO to carry out the joint marketing campaign together with Rights & Benefits NFT auctions. 

About Chair:

      Token :BNCH

  1. Website:
  2. NFT Market:
  3. Polygon Official Twitter:
  4. Polygon Dapps:

Global users of Chair:

Chair official twitter account followers —38k

Chair English telegram group members—46k+

Thousands of integration of each AMA in Chair English telegram group

Chair Chinese community members—20k

The users of Chair Dapp are distributed to dozens of countries. The DAU has reached 1500 and it’s been growing steadily.

Joint marketing campaigns with Chair


1.UniArts  & Chair

Joint airdrop:

2.DPGU  & Chair

Joint auction:

Joint airdrop:

3. ZGOAT & Chair

Joint airdrop:

4. Standard & Chair

Joint auction:

Joint airdrop:

5. MyTrade & Chair

Joint airdrop:

6. GameDAO & Chair

Joint auction:

Joint airdrop:

7. ONTO Wallet & Chair

Joint auction:

8. StarryNifty & Chair

Joint airdrop:


There are two major parts included in each campaign

Auction and Mining; Joint airdrop on Twitter


The following services are provided for the campaign

       1.Joint auciton items

-If your token has been listed, you can provide your platform tokens for the auction so that it will attract more users to hold your coins.

-If your token is not listed yet, you can provide 300-1000 MATIC for the auction so that more users will be attracted to the auction and your project.

It depends on yourself how much you are willing to provide, and Chair will provide an amount of XBNCH ranging from 300k to 1 million. 

– Your NFTs of any kinds are much welcomed to be the auction items on Chair, which can not only contribute to the diversity of Chair NFTs, but also promote your NFTs and your projects because we can include all information of your projects into the description of the joint auction items, including the introduction of your project, links of your social media, videos or images about your project. Usually 3-5 NFTs can be accepted as the auction items for our first collaboration, and the auction duration shall be decided based on the value of the NFTs, ranging from 5 to 10 days. During the auction, Chair will promote it across all of our social media. All users who join the joint auctions can see your project’s information.

  1. Banner. Chair will design a banner for the joint auction and put it on the top of our Dapp. Users can go to your social media ( telegram group, twitter, or official website) through this banner.
  2. Chair will also give rewards to the community to spread the words about the joint auctions with other communities or on Twitter.
  3. Joint airdrop. Both parties provide tokens for the airdrop, and Chair will be responsible for the execution of the airdrop which can grow the number of followers of your Twitter account and your telegram community. So far the number of retweets of each joint airdrop is at least 2000, and the biggest number is 14000+, which means at least 2000 real users are attracted to your project. The actual performance will be depended on the amount of tokens provided by you.