Chair2.0 is advancing in full swing now!

What is Chair2.0?

Chair2.0 is a GameFi aggregator.
1. It is a GameFi Grand Paradise for everyone.
2. It is the INO platform of GameFi.
3. It is the asset package trading platform of GameFi.
4. It is the incubation base and traffic platform of GameFi.

The current global community population of Chair is about 130,000. And there are more than 30 communities with whom Chair has in-depth cooperation.

Chair2.0 mainly focuses on GameFi at present, and will build a GameFi NFT Store in the next 3 months. The investment and diversion of traffic will mainly be put in high-quality GameFi projects. At the same time, the NFT asset packages of all projects involved will be first launched on Chair (through transaction and auction). Chair will turn on in-depth cooperation with some of the projects.

The platform currency BNCH of Chair will be introduced to their economic model for incentives and payments. This measure will help Chair increase more than 300,000 active users within 3 months, and hopefully to exceed 1 million within 6 months.